hi! basically i've been busy with life stuff like moving (can't wait to share SF with you guys) and trying to get wifi in the apartment and a new position at work and ya know, life stuff.

so without further ado, here's that post i promised weeks ago.

yay phoenix!

guys, this state is beautiful! maybe i live under a rock or maybe i'm not the only person who didn't know there's a giant forest in arizona.. it's not just desert? excuse my ignorance and enjoy the pretty pictures.

since we'd spent about 8 hours in the car that day i opted for a tee and jeans to grab a bit for dinner and this sweet little spot in scottsdale i can't remember the name of. 

snatched up this pretty little zuni ring in albuquerque. the jeans are madewell, top is my Absolute Favorite tee from reformation and the shoes are vera wang.

i've had these heels for years. found them at the rack and wore them basically til they died but the kind folks at deno's in highland park brought them back to life. hoorah!

i rarely wear heels higher than 3 1/2- 4in anymore cause i can't wear them all day but i'm not sure i'll ever retire these guys. 

the next morning, before getting on the road, we hit up a little cafe in downtown phx. the coffee was good but the tortilla (not the wrap, the spanish kind) and perfect chocolate glazed donut were phenomenal.

same tee but with an old pair of gap boyfriend shorts and madewell d'Orsay flats.

happy belated birthday arizona. only 3 years late. also, where's lo?


well, you'll hear from me soon! stay tuned.





Day 2: The Land of Enchantment

Aka New Mexico

We started our morning in OKC, spent the afternoon in Amarillo and finally made it to Albuquerque before sunset. The drive was a lot prettier than I remember it being. The plains are stunning and all the sweet little cows scattered along them made my heart swell. I was excited to explore a little bit of the city in the time we had but the second I laid eyes on the big, beautiful Sandia Hills we made a beeline for the foothills and never looked back. Here's our night in ALBQ along with some outfit shots.

Because NM was so hot but dry I picked an all white fit and went with jeans rather than shorts. Tank and Vans from Madewell and my Vince jeans with my Abeja clutch. Simple, comfy and still put together.

Our first stop in NM was to Mr. White's home (luckily, only a short drive from our hotel). We also saw the ole A1 carwash and even had pizza a Venezia's (which is now called Gino's). We totally had a Breaking Bad fangirl moment!


In love with my new Vans. The bottoms came dirty so they already look worn in and my OCD about keeping my white shoes clean doesn't apply with these guys. Sweet relief.

Sunset over Albuquerque <




The first stop on our west-bound road trip is OKC. My Grandma lives right outside of the fun little city and we spent the day shopping, munching on yummy veggie burritos and trying the coolest coffee around. The temp is around 96 degrees and my skin is pretty much melting off. I went with an over-sized, plaid shirt-dress and easy lace-up sandals (both from Madewell).

Yeah, I keep looking at my feet cause I'm sort of obsessed with these sandals. They go with everything and they're so darn comfortable!

If you ever find yourself in OKC, make sure you stop by this awesome coffee shop, Coffee Slingers. I'm a sucker for a good cold brew and get this, they've got one infused with NITROGEN! Super cool! The little bubbles make it frothy and delicious. I'd drink one daily if I could. Plus, the baristas were so sweet and genuine!

Also, this adorable bag I've been pairing with absolutely everything lately! It's by a brand a friend of mine owns, Abeja. She has a ton of great jewelry, clutches and clothes. Check it out at here.


Up next? New Mexico!




BREAKING NEWS: we're moving. to san francisco.


In about a week and a half I'll be putting all my stuff in a POD (or moving van?) and taking off for San Fran. Travis' job is transferring him to the new store they're opening in the heart of the city. I'm really excited about moving half way across the country to start a life with my husband, especially to SF; I've always had a soft spot for the West Coast. I'm still working on finding a second job there (Madewell is graciously accepting me with open arms, hey thanks guys!). Still, I'm searching for something that focuses on helping kiddos. If God provided me with that opportunity I would be beyond ecstatic but no matter where I end up I'm confident it's where He wants me. After all, we can serve Him wherever we are. Cool!

 I'm also interested to see what this does for Lo Maintenance. We'll finally have a place together that we get to decorate and make our own- our home. This means fun interior design posts! The new landscape means we get to do lots of exploring. Hello, Redwoods and Napa and Oakland and Carmel and lots of other cities! I'm mostly looking forward to late nights listening to our ever-growing vinyl collection, candlelit dinners to save energy, short showers to save water, a smaller wardrobe (a great friend recently introduced me to the marvelous Unfancy blog and Ms. Caroline's super cool take on how to build a wardrobe, can't wait to try it for myself), being cold a lot and seeing how Joseph reacts to being a small pup in the middle of a big city.

sf 2.jpg

So I'll be road tripping with my ma, pa and pup. I'm sure we'll have like one, maybe two pictures from the adventure to share. Follow me on Instagram for more frequent postings from the road (@lo_maintenance).




Oh. P.S. I've started adding some blog pics (and some that didn't make the cut) to my Pinterest account, I'm sure you've guessed the name but just incase you're not in the mood for guessing games.. it's Lo Maintenance.

(p.p.s. my husband took these pictures)

Doo Wop (That Thing)


Let's talk about this jumpsuit.

It is possibly the most random score from the most random store and it's my favorite statement piece. I found it in a secondhand store (in the little town I sort of call "home") about two years ago and finally decided to give it life on the honeymoon. I wore it all day as I searched for a new record, sipped coffee, and grabbed a bite for lunch with Travis.

This record shop on Abbot Kinney is such an awesome example of how modern technology can bring us back to a golden age. Their store-front isn't over stuffed like most record stores (don't think this means I don't like slightly smelly rooms with rows upon rows of hidden musical treasures, cause I do..). The brick and mortar is fun but the real deal is when you check out their operation online. You sign up for a membership ($25/mo) and they link up with your Spotify profile and based on your playlists, they select and send you three records they think you'll love and you keep em fo life! Woah! So cool.

In this picture, Lo has just found a copy of The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill and she's jazzed beyond belief. No but really, that album has been a favorite of mine since I was ooooh about 7 years old. Yo, remember back on the boogie when cats used to harmonize like...? Okay, I'm done. 

Jumpsuit: Rachel Roy + Bag: Coach + Shoes: Vince Camuto + Sunnies: Lookmatic