I've Got Sunshine


I may be back in the Dallas heat but I'm still dreaming of breezy, beach days in Venice. I wore this simple Cotton Citizen dress Travis bought me on a trip to Playa del Carmen for my 22nd birthday. I love pieces that remind me of a place and time. This dress is one of those. 

Threw on a simple pair of brown, leather GAP sandals, Coach clutch and Lookmatic sunnies.

I have fun wearing this dress because wherever you see black it's actually sheer. I always pick a lace bralette or better yet, a bikini top, to layer underneath. Also, it feels as if I'm wearing a giant  t-shirt. What could be better than that?

We started our day with a trip to Deus Ex Machina (an ultra-cool motorcycle and surf shop). Grabbed some coffee and met some of the awesome guys who work there (not to mention Jackson, the shop dog). I am now keenly aware that my lack of both a bike and surfboard is something that must change soon.


My Theory


Falling in love with Venice (especially the Abbot Kinney area) was easy as dressing for the weather. Sunny with a cool breeze? I can handle that. I'm not a big fan of layering which is why I have trouble in cold climates but Venice was perfect. I wore these pants by Theory, a ton. They're silk and spandex making them light, stretchy and so comfy. I found them at The Rack for $250 off the retail price. Paired them here with my staples and a simple v-neck by GAP.

I don't typically wear lipstick (it isn't very Lo maintenance to re-apply every few hours). When I do, it's because my outfit is super simple. The rest of my makeup will also be very minimal if I pair it with a dark lip. Usually, that means just some light brown eye shadow or a dark brown eyeliner and mascara. I'm a firm believer that your make-up should accentuate what you already have, not cover your beauty or look like you've surgically altered something. Especially if you haven't.

Got these in two colors: nude and black. I've yet to wear the black which tells me It's a good bet I won't wear them at all. I always try to give myself a good buffer between when I buy something and when wear it to give myself time to decide if it really is the perfect addition to my wardrobe. In this case, they're going back to Nordstrom to find a home where they'll be loved and appreciated.

abcdefg (you know, no secrets).


Back in Black


SO, this week we're in Venice getting burnt and eating a lot of vegetables. Travis took these a few days ago when we went to grab lunch and do a little shopping. We found a plant-based restaurant on Melrose called Crossroads (obviously not in Venice, but only a short drive away). Travis pointed out that it's probably Britney's favorite place to eat. All those memories with Zoe Saldana and that girl who's now on Orange is the New Black. (Wasn't the 3rd season supposed to be out by now?) Anyways, here I am standing in front of a pink wall in an outfit I like.

looking at feet.jpg

Sort of doing that typical blogger thing where you look at your feet but I'm just really into my toenail polish right now. You know that joke about how bloggers make money cause they always look at their feet and find change on the ground?

Yeah, me neither.


Wearing the Madewell silk shiftdress and Madewell biker vest.


Lately, I've been living in two pieces: my light blue Coach clutch and my nude sandals by Vince Camuto. I'm all about the 3' heel + mini bag combo. Wearing simple, understated accessories has me more excited about adding layers to my look.

I look so sassy in these but really the sun was all up in my grill. Love you, sunshine!




I have been the worst blogger as of late and here's why:


Next Saturday in Seattle my fiancé and I will be making the second most important commitment of our lives (right after committing our lives to Christ)! I am so excited to share in this joyous occasion with you all and I look forward to diving back into the blog and making it better than ever when we return from the honeymoon. As terrible as I feel about neglecting this creative outlet for the past month, I'm grateful for the time it's given me to focus on making sure all the details of the wedding are in order. Here are a few shots from our beautiful engagement shoot with the incredibly talented, Jon Taylor Sweet. Check out his Instagram if you're in the mood to be wowed!

These were so much fun to shoot (partially because Jon really is Sweet and mostly because the guy in these pictures is the absolute LOVE of my life)!


There is so much happening right now I'm my life and I can't wait to share the changes and excitement. I've got so much to say and show you guys!


School Girl


So this fleece varsity jacket, you guys. Got the deal of a lifetime on this thing and couldn't wait to wear it while the weather in Dallas would still permit layers. I also got a lot of use out of it during my trip to Seattle. I decided to pair it with another piece that also reminds me of being a high school student: a band tee. I love band tees, mostly because they tell you so much about the person in them. Not that you should judge someone based on their choice of music but let's be real: taste in music can tell you a lot about somebody. I picked up this tee at their show a few months ago and I've worn it many different ways (i.e. jeans and sneaks, Birks and cut-offs, skirts and heels). I enjoyed dressing up these tops with bottoms that could be considered a bit fancier: wide-leg trousers and pumps. Once again, feminine and masculine collide in a look that transitions nicely from day to night.

Jacket and shoes by Madewell and trousers by Chelsea28.

Stopped by one of my favorite spots in Tacoma, Stadium High School, to get these shots. Tell me this school isn't the real life Hogwarts?! And speaking of movies, you'll recognize this one if you know what's good and if you don't I'll give you one hint: Ledger and Styles.