Doo Wop (That Thing)


Let's talk about this jumpsuit.

It is possibly the most random score from the most random store and it's my favorite statement piece. I found it in a secondhand store (in the little town I sort of call "home") about two years ago and finally decided to give it life on the honeymoon. I wore it all day as I searched for a new record, sipped coffee, and grabbed a bite for lunch with Travis.

This record shop on Abbot Kinney is such an awesome example of how modern technology can bring us back to a golden age. Their store-front isn't over stuffed like most record stores (don't think this means I don't like slightly smelly rooms with rows upon rows of hidden musical treasures, cause I do..). The brick and mortar is fun but the real deal is when you check out their operation online. You sign up for a membership ($25/mo) and they link up with your Spotify profile and based on your playlists, they select and send you three records they think you'll love and you keep em fo life! Woah! So cool.

In this picture, Lo has just found a copy of The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill and she's jazzed beyond belief. No but really, that album has been a favorite of mine since I was ooooh about 7 years old. Yo, remember back on the boogie when cats used to harmonize like...? Okay, I'm done. 

Jumpsuit: Rachel Roy + Bag: Coach + Shoes: Vince Camuto + Sunnies: Lookmatic