Day 2: The Land of Enchantment

Aka New Mexico

We started our morning in OKC, spent the afternoon in Amarillo and finally made it to Albuquerque before sunset. The drive was a lot prettier than I remember it being. The plains are stunning and all the sweet little cows scattered along them made my heart swell. I was excited to explore a little bit of the city in the time we had but the second I laid eyes on the big, beautiful Sandia Hills we made a beeline for the foothills and never looked back. Here's our night in ALBQ along with some outfit shots.

Because NM was so hot but dry I picked an all white fit and went with jeans rather than shorts. Tank and Vans from Madewell and my Vince jeans with my Abeja clutch. Simple, comfy and still put together.

Our first stop in NM was to Mr. White's home (luckily, only a short drive from our hotel). We also saw the ole A1 carwash and even had pizza a Venezia's (which is now called Gino's). We totally had a Breaking Bad fangirl moment!


In love with my new Vans. The bottoms came dirty so they already look worn in and my OCD about keeping my white shoes clean doesn't apply with these guys. Sweet relief.

Sunset over Albuquerque <