hi! basically i've been busy with life stuff like moving (can't wait to share SF with you guys) and trying to get wifi in the apartment and a new position at work and ya know, life stuff.

so without further ado, here's that post i promised weeks ago.

yay phoenix!

guys, this state is beautiful! maybe i live under a rock or maybe i'm not the only person who didn't know there's a giant forest in arizona.. it's not just desert? excuse my ignorance and enjoy the pretty pictures.

since we'd spent about 8 hours in the car that day i opted for a tee and jeans to grab a bit for dinner and this sweet little spot in scottsdale i can't remember the name of. 

snatched up this pretty little zuni ring in albuquerque. the jeans are madewell, top is my Absolute Favorite tee from reformation and the shoes are vera wang.

i've had these heels for years. found them at the rack and wore them basically til they died but the kind folks at deno's in highland park brought them back to life. hoorah!

i rarely wear heels higher than 3 1/2- 4in anymore cause i can't wear them all day but i'm not sure i'll ever retire these guys. 

the next morning, before getting on the road, we hit up a little cafe in downtown phx. the coffee was good but the tortilla (not the wrap, the spanish kind) and perfect chocolate glazed donut were phenomenal.

same tee but with an old pair of gap boyfriend shorts and madewell d'Orsay flats.

happy belated birthday arizona. only 3 years late. also, where's lo?


well, you'll hear from me soon! stay tuned.